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How Social Media can Affect Your Employment Opportunities

According to a study conducted by social media monitoring service Reppler, 91% of employers use social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to screen prospective employees. So, after a wild Saturday night party, you tweeted that you flicked beer mugs from a pub just for fun. As usual, your friends commented on it by saying, ‘Oh, no not… Read more »

7 Best Careers for INFJ Personality Types

Individuals with an INFJ personality are known to follow their intuitions; they try to discover deeper meaning in life. Considering their highly complex behavior, their approach is that of a dreamer, and generally, look for a meaningful career that will quench their thirst for creativity. The four major character traits exhibited by INFJ personalities are: ➊ Introverted: They usually build… Read more »

Pros and Cons of Working in a Smaller Company

When seeking employment, people try to search for a name which is well-established and well-known in the market. They resist from applying in smaller firms from the fear of getting lesser growth opportunities. But the fact is quite different from what you think. In the present scenario, smaller companies are in a better position in terms of hiring, salary, growth,… Read more »

What is a Pink-collar Job?

We have heard the words ‘white-collar jobs’ (salaried employees typically in administrative or clerical positions) and ‘blue-collar jobs’ (employee performing manual or technical labor), but have you heard of pink-collar jobs? Referring to a class of jobs typically filled by women, pink-collar jobs often tend to be personal or service-oriented. While there are men in these professions, majority of the… Read more »