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Difference Between a College And University

The difference between colleges and universities is not a purely semantic one. A college and a university are supposed to be different in principle. However, in some countries they may mean the same thing, while in others they may not. Naming things has no absolute rules in all human fields of endeavor. People familiar with the English language know that… Read more »

Most Common Resume Lies

Startling Statistics! » 70% students would lie on their resume to get a job. » 78% resumes are misleading. » 53% resumes contain discrepancies. – Source: Accu-Screen, Inc., The Society of HR Managers With the global job scenario becoming highly aggressive and competitive, candidates are growing desperate and resorting to any and every means to secure a job. For the… Read more »

12 Outdated Job Search Advice You Should Stop Following

Looking for a job is one of the most dreaded activities of the big, bad world when a fresher steps into it. But whether it is trying to get rid of the “fresher” tag, or changing jobs or careers midway through life, looking for a job becomes an intricate dance of knowledge, assessment, networking, and searching. There are several ways… Read more »